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L293D is actually a motor driver

DESCRIpTION. The L293D Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver is usually a common objective superior voltage / high current driver which will deal with four.five - 36V @ 600mA steady for each channel. package Involves:L293D Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver. Crucial Capabilities OF L293D Twin H-BRIDGE MOTOR DRIVER: Includes 4 fifty percent H-Bridges that could operate as two whole H-Bridges. Function two motors with way and velocity command or four motors with speed management only. Can source 600mA present-day for every channel continual and 1.2A peak

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4.5 to 36V motor voltage. 5V compatible on logic pins. The L293D can be a standard reason superior voltage / significant latest driver that could cope with up to 600mA per channel (1.2A peak non-repetitive) and may operate around the choice of 4.5 - 36V. The chip involves built-in kick-back diodes to avoid harm when the motor is de-energized. These devices are most often accustomed to push motors, nevertheless they can even be used to travel any inductive load this sort of as relay solenoids or used to push massive switching electrical power transistors.

L293D is monolithic integrated high voltage, high current four channel driver designed to accept standard DTL or TTL logic levels and drive inductive loads and swiching power transistors.

Half-Bridge vs Full-Bridge. The chip incorporates 4 50 % H-Bridges that can be operated this way or can even be operated as two complete H-Bridges. They are able of driving as many as four solenoids, four uni-directional DC motors, 2 bi-directional DC motors or one stepper motor.L293D pinout. A half H-Bridge configuration permits a motor being operated in a single course. the Help pins enable the motor for being turned ON/OFF or speed regulated by making use of a pWM signal to these pins. The permit pins are shared concerning channels 1&2 and 3&4 which limits the usefulness of this mode.

A entire H-Bridge configuration allows a DC motor being run in both directions by reversing the latest flow through the motor. The Empower pins enable the motors to generally be turned ON/OFF or pace regulated by implementing a pWM sign to these pins. This is the most common mode of operation. If higher output current is required, the outputs might be run in parallel to get generate currents of nearly one.2A. When paralleling outputs, channel 1 & four should be paralleled and channel two & 3 should be paralleled. It is also possible to piggy-back a second chip on top of the first and solder the pins together to maintain total two H-Bridge functionality while also doubling the latest handling to 1.2A.

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L293D is a motor driver

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