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The changes that 5G will bring

From the early 1990s to the present, communications technology is likely to undergo a generational renewal in less than a decade. The update speed of technology is not only fast, but also each generation of update is accompanied by the improvement of two basic factors: the improvement of data capability and the generation of new applications.

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"From 4G to 5G, there are also two very important landmark technological updates. The second is that a new generation of applications will follow." The application of 5G technology will directly drive the creation of the mobile Internet of things, "" said fan mingxi, vice president of engineering technology at qualcomm in the United States." "there are two sets of very important technologies based on the mobile Internet of things. One is low time delay, such as industrial control and on-board network, which has high requirements for security, reliable business control and key technical services. The second is the large-scale mass Internet of things, where various connections are required, and the service life of each terminal will be very long. How to not only reduce the power consumption, but also put many different demands on the unified platform, this is the change that 5G will bring.

"" the future of 5G is geared to thousands of businesses, so the future business requirements of 5G are very uncertain." " "Said gan bin, vice president of wireless network product line at huawei technologies co LTD. "" 5G has a very big feature that it can support future VR/AR businesses well from the perspective of providing high bandwidth while supporting very low latency. Of course, there are a lot of technical issues that need to be addressed."

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"Before talking about 5G, we generally believe that what happens in the future is that we can already see its shadow from today, so does 5G." "Fan said.

It's not just network speeds of 5G that are coming or will drive everything connected

It's 40 times faster than 4G

5G is the 5th generation mobile communication technology. Although the final 5G standard has not been determined in the industry, the parties have basically reached consensus on the development direction of 5G. Compared to 4G, 5G will have faster network speeds, lower power consumption and longer standby time for 5G terminals. In theory, 5G could be 40 times faster than 4G, allowing real-time transmission of 8K resolution 3D video, or downloading a 3D movie in six seconds. In contrast, it takes six minutes to download over a 4G network. As the largest contributor to the research and development of 5G technology, nokia believes that 5G technology can achieve a speed of about 100Mbps in the case of congestion in the existing network. That's about four times more than the current 4G network.

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The core of 5G is the interconnection of everything

Another feature of 5G networks is low time delay, which means the network will respond very quickly to user commands. In such cases, websites, applications, and services load faster. This advantage will greatly promote the development of the Internet of everything. With the advent of 5G technology, smart terminals can share 3D movies, games and UHD programs at any time, while fitness trackers, smart watches, smart home devices and other intelligent terminals can be quickly connected. Industry insiders also pointed out that compared with 3G and 4G technologies, 5G can meet more diversified scenarios and timely challenges. For example, 5G will penetrate into the Internet of things and other fields, deeply integrate with industrial facilities, medical devices, medical instruments and transportation tools, and comprehensively implement the interconnection of all things, which can effectively improve the efficiency of industrial, medical, transportation and other vertical industries. Taking the medical industry as an example, it is often difficult to perform long-distance surgery due to low network rate before. Once entering 5G, such operations can be completed smoothly.

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Commercial use as early as 2020

At the second world Internet conference on the afternoon of December 17, cao shumin, director of the China academy of information and communications, said 5G will be standardized starting next year. The first version of the 5G standard will be available by the end of 2018, and a full version will be available in 2019, which will be submitted to the international telecommunication union, so 2020 is the earliest time from now on for true commercial use.

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