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Cooperation agreement

On August 30, China postal savings bank (hereinafter referred to as postal savings bank held a signing ceremony of strategic cooperation with shenzhen innovation and wisdom technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as innovation and wisdom) in Beijing. Lu jiachin, president of the postal savings bank, li kaifu, chairman and CEO of the innovation works, witnessed the signing. Qu jiayin, vice president of the postal savings bank, and xu hui, CEO of the innovative wisdom, respectively signed the agreement on behalf of the two sides. Xu zhaohui, chief engineer of the postal savings bank presided over the signing ceremony.

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According to the agreement, post office and the bank innovation intelligence will with "application technology, the scene," for the purpose of the cooperation, in line with the "play advantages, integrating resources, combination and mutual benefit" principle, give full play to their respective advantages and artificial intelligence technology in the field of financial business, focusing on the artificial intelligence based core technology, artificial intelligence, intelligent data center business scenario application three aspects, such as the depth of cooperation, common use of the artificial intelligence technology in the field of financial business.

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As a large retail commercial bank with nearly 40,000 branches, postal savings bank is committed to serving the most dynamic customer base in China's economic transformation. The postal savings bank adheres to the development strategy led by science and technology, focuses on the national artificial intelligence development strategic plan, actively lays out the application and development of artificial intelligence in the financial business fields such as operation management and customer service, and effectively improves the intelligent level of financial services anatomy illustration.

Innovation intelligence as a master of artificial intelligence technology and solutions, active assigned to the traditional industry of science and technology enterprises, relying on innovation works, brand, technology and resources, deep tillage "financial, retail, manufacturing" three major industries, using artificial intelligence technology of frontier, help enterprise customers and partners to improve business efficiency, optimization of business model innovation, speed up the intelligent transformation. The successful signing of this contract will further improve the application level of artificial intelligence technology of postal savings bank, accelerate the digital transformation of postal savings bank, and help build a smart bank.

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