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Digital terminal platform goes online

Artificial intelligence "fusion media microbrain" digital terminal platform goes online

On August 8, the digital terminal platform of "fusion media microbrain" was officially launched by chongqing magazine. Traditional media and artificial intelligence technologies added, intersected and integrated, and intelligent media made life better.

It is understood that the "fusion media microbrain" digital terminal platform project was initiated and led by chongqing today, and combined with the Internet of things technology support services related to the platform system provided by danyunzhi material co., ltd. to achieve the wonderful integration of media + technology, content + platform, traditional media and artificial intelligence technology.

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"Media micro-brain" is a micro-computer, which is a media integrated development product, integrating learning, information dissemination, intelligent life and smart government into one, meeting the learning needs of different types of people, creating a new model of organizational learning, family learning and personal learning. Voice interaction, smart home, cloud education, three major technologies, sharing wisdom to learn new life.

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"Financial media microbrain" is divided into three versions: political, civil and commercial. The political version mainly serves the public service learning, strengthening the external publicity function, and promoting and building a smart society. The civil version focuses on smart health care, smart cloud education, smart family good life and other services. The commercial version can meet the service demands of intelligent material management, security and fire control, digital economy, Internet of things, intelligent consumption and intelligent community industrial ecological incubation.

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