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I am twenty three

Father is very well, and very glad to hear that you were coming. To tell the truth though, he is far more interested in your uncle’s visit. He has arranged a meeting at the Geographical Society for him. And for the past month he has been thinking and talking of nothing but archaeology. They have been digging up all sorts of things.”

And so he has been angry with you?&rdquo ;

He seems to think he has every reason to be. I am twenty-three and he already sees me an old maid.... It’s awfully funny! Do you know what they call me in Lima now? The Virgin of the Sun!”

What does that mean?”

Aunt Agnes and Aunt Irene will explain better than I can. It’s something like one of the Vestals—an old Inca legend.”

H’m, some superstitious rot.... But look here, Maria-Teresa, I’m an awful coward. Do you think your father...”

Of course! He’ll do anything I like if he is asked at the right moment We’ll be married in three months’ time from San Domingo. Truly we will!”

You dear!... But I’m only a poor devil of an engineer, and he may not think me much of a son-in-law for the Marquis de la Torre.”

Nonsense, you’re clever, and I make you a gift of the whole of Peru. There’s plenty to do there for an engineer.&rdquo ;

I can hardly believe my luck, Maria-Teresa! That I—I.... But, tell me, how did it all happen?”

The old, old way. First you are neighbors, or meet by accident. Then you are friends... just friends, nothing else.... And then...?”

Their hands joined, and they remained thus for a moment, in silence.

Suddenly, a burst of noise came from the courtyard, and a moment later a hurried knock announced the entrance of an excited employee. At the sight of the stranger, he stopped short, but Maria-Teresa told him to speak. Dick, who both understood and spoke Spanish well, listened.

The Indians are back from the Islands, se?orita. There has been trouble between them and the Chinamen. One coolie was killed and three were badly wounded.”

Maria-Teresa showed no outward sign of emotion. Her voice hardened as she asked:—

Where did it happen... in the Northern Islands?&rdquo macau hotel jobs ;

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