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fierce weather-beating

She responded nobly, and reared, rather than stepped out of the snow bank. Her fore feet struck solid ground, and then, feeling the hard road beneath her hoofs, she pulled herself forward. We had struck the right path at last, and, after hours of fierce weather-beating, like a ship at sea, lost in a storm, we were fairly homeward bound, on the way to Salem town.

I rode on more quickly now, settling my hat firmer on my head, and pressing the leather lining against my benumbed ears. My collar scarce kept the snow and wind from my neck, and every half mile or so I was obliged to drop the reins and, after feeling that my sword had not dropped off in some snow drift, knock my hands together to bring their fingers some little warmth.

Verily, I thought that the road would never lead me to the friendly tavern of Master Samuel Willis, who, 16as I had heard in Boston, provided refreshment for man and beast. And surely no two stood more in need of it than Kit and myself that cold February day.

A fiercer squall and gust of wind than any that had proceeded, fairly brought the mare to a stand. I lifted my hat a bit, held my interlocked fingers before my eyes, and peered ahead. Dimly, like a speck of black on a white sheet, that a dame might spread on the grass to bleach, I saw in front a house.

May that be the tavern,” I quoth, and, with a heart that smote me a trifle, for she had traveled far and well that day, I dug the spurs into Kit’s flanks. She leaped through the drifts, and, at length, when she could make no more progress, I found myself before the snow-heaped steps of Salem Inn.

The wind, shunted off by a corner of the building, beat less fiercely at this point, and the roar was somewhat subdued. I drew my sword, for I could not reach the door knocker from where I sat on Kit’s back, and with the hilt gave several blows on the oak.

Who’s without?” came a woman’s voice from within.

A friend; Captain Edward Amherst,” I cried. Open in the King’s name, if for no other reason.”

Now ere I had ceased speaking the heavy door swung inward, revealing such a warmth and such a snug, homelike appearance, and, withal, letting out such savory odors, that poor Kit whinnied in anticipation of what 17might be her share of the feed. As for myself, I threw one leg over the saddle, leaped to the ground, strode to the door, and went inside. I shouted to a stout serving man, snugly ensconced in the chimney corner, to look after the mare, and then I approached the blazing fire.

The Lord defend us! Goliath and the Philistines are upon us!” cried out Mistress Willis, for she it was who had opened the door.

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