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Here are several items well worth doing in Hong Kong

Take pleasure in on a daily basis spa:Hong Kong gives an abundance of working day spas with manicures/pedicures, standard therapies, waterbed lounges, facials, herbal steam rooms as well as the listing goes on. Spas are not a rarity right here, the put is crammed with them, and one can e-book an appointment as late as ten p.m. even. Massage menus span the 4 corners on the Orient. Travellers can take a pair of hrs of their working day to wind down and chill out in one on the quite a few spas available. Do test the total entire body massage making use of heat bamboo to knead and stretch the muscle tissues. A further pretty fascinating spa therapy could well be the Imperial Jade Ritual working with interesting jade rollers to elevate and tone the pores and skin, a absolutely sure will have to.

Check out the Top 10 things to do in Hong Kong on PartnerNet. Plus find out more about the top 10 attractions and shopping malls in Hong Kong

Savour tea with the Peninsula Hotel:In the one hundred fifty years of British occupation, several locals nevertheless get pleasure from teatime just as the British do. The foyer with the Peninsula, with its typical and stylish ambiance, reside band playing classical tunes involving glittering chandeliers, and luxurious palm trees sets an excellent environment to enjoy substantial tea. You are able to linger about delicacies which includes a three-tier cake platter, savoury canapés and crumpets, but you'll want to arrive half an hour early to find a seat and do try to overlook weekends because it is considered to be the busiest.

Get some dim sum:It interprets to “touch your heart” and it’s simply just unachievable to visit Hong Kong rather than attempt dim sum, one of their celebrated delicacies. We’re speaking steamed, baked, pan fried, deep fried dim sum loaded with rice rolls, shrimp, BBQ beef plus the record is endless. Each individual creation strikes a harmony among getting classic in style and ground breaking regarding alternative of components.

Stroll by Nan Lian Backyard:This well-preserved back garden is among Hong Kong’s most visited picturesque green spaces with conventional Cantonese architecture, completely trimmed bonsai trees, koi ponds, and many importantly, immaculate landscape patterns. This inexperienced area positioned among the skyscrapers will take you back in time for you to the Tang dynasty. Known for his or her huge gardens established for your imperial family members, they ended up made to accommodate students, poets, influential personas, and generally set an escape within the outside the house world BAI Feng.

Get greatly surprised because of the Hong Kong skyline:The highest observation deck inside the city is at the a centesimal flooring in the ICC constructing, Hong Kong’s tallest building. The indoor observation deck delivers a 360-degree check out of the Kowloon Peninsula. The peak times to visit the observation deck must be just all around sunset and in the evening to seize this beautiful town still for the leading of its hustle and bustle.

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The benefits of acquiring a firm reward

As we enter the holiday time, lots of bosses are thanking workforce for their yearlong contributions by using a present. According towards the Promotion Specialty Institute corporate gifting study, 42% of businesses are gratifying their workers by using a reward. But perhaps that number can be better if much more employer understood in regards to the long-term positive aspects a one-time gift might have?

Another point which most of the corporate gift companies in Hong Kong like Solutions Limited take into account is – what type of non-cash items or merchandise must be given to the regular customers!

Far more employers should really get from the gift-giving spirit, new research indicates, simply because a present not just would make workforce come to feel good, it also retains them inspired and engaged with their operate.

mitsubishi dehumidifier - Mitsubishi 22.5L Dehumidifier MJ-E130AL-H, which is made in Japan, was one of dehumidifiers awarded the highest mark in the 2018 Consumer Council dehu

Some personnel acquire extravagant firm presents like a “tablet computer” or possibly a “trip for everyone all the way down to Reno for 3 days all fees compensated,” because the corporate gifting survey found. Though the rate tag will not always make a difference as much because the fact that you might be demonstrating appreciation toward your employees.

The actual physical reward by itself might have unseen consequences on an employee’s temper and engagement within the business office.

Enterprise-grade Internet Data Center (IDC) in HK, China, and worldwide provides a perfect environment for Cloud Hosting platform and securing your corporate database.

Within a separate study of over 1,470 Us residents, respondents mentioned that a holiday reward produced an important difference within their enthusiasm to help keep operating. More than some other reward available, the holiday gift designed virtually all these workers really feel valued. Nearly all of respondents - 70% - mentioned receiving a vacation present from their employer made them choose to function more difficult at get the job done.

In this manner, items certainly are a win-win for employers and workers. Employers get to experience generous and staff members get to see their benefit acknowledged. The vacation gift is often a modest but crucial reminder which the firm acknowledges and reward the tricky do the job staff members do.

Towngas introduces Italy premium kitchen appliance collection - offers stylish gas cooker with built-in Gas Hob. Powerful 8kW gas stove is perfectly tailored to Chinese style cooking with easy-to-clean and high efficient features.

If bosses need to honor their employees’ perform and have them to remain one more 12 months, a gift can go a long way.

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WAN information increasing speed

In this manner, WAN information quickening is simply the methodology that puts beside the conventional methodologies and advances of WAN improvement and SD-WAN. It adopts a very surprising strategy to alleviating the inertness and bundle misfortune issues. The unyielding actuality is that the speed of light is simply not quick enough, and that is the thing that administers inactivity and obliterates WAN execution over separation.

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD WAN) is a transformational approach to simplify branch office networking and assure optimal application performance.

While no one can settle inertness, its impacts can be tended to by utilizing TCP/IP parallelization strategies and man-made reasoning (AI) to control the stream of information over the WAN. Commonly, with the impacts of idleness relieved, associations see 95% WAN use. The other upside of not utilizing pressure or dedupe methods is that WAN information quickening will accelerate any information in the very same route with arrangements, for example, WANrockIT and PORTrockIT.

An IT industry associate as of late said that he'd had a discussion with a showcasing official at an IT firm who'd believed that any semblance of IBM and the other expansive IT sellers would have settled the idleness and parcel misfortune issues. However that is not the situation – they too need to convey WAN information increasing speed arrangements, and the truth of the matter is that IBM utilizes our WAN information quickening arrangements in their items.

Bagging ten top prizes,researchers shine at the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. The winning innovative technology products enhance knowledge-sharing and bring impact to the society.

All things considered, it is a very basic remark that numerous organizations that evade the pattern and propose an entirely unexpected methodology hear. In actuality, individuals ought to ask these extensive OEMs about for what reason they've not created anything like this new methodology, or about alternate arrangements that are today evading different patterns.

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Computerization to the Rescue

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Suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, should you avoid mouth

Rheumatoid arthritis is a kind of chronic consumptive inflammatory disease, many old diseases are known, daily nutrition to control the condition is very important, but improper diet easy to affect the condition, leading to relapse or even worse. A lot of patient concern daily should eat what, how to eat, should not contraindication, how contraindication? To this, the expert reminds, should go out "do not avoid a mouth completely" with "excessive avoid a mouth" two extremes, when medicative treatment, the proposal is used to improve the condition through reasonable food assistant, strengthen physique.

Consider rheumatoid arthritis is a kind of chronic consumptive inflammation sexual disease, the expert suggests the patient daily food should assure sufficient nutrition, appropriate chooses high protein, high vitamin and food of easy digestion, pass reasonable nutrition collocation and appropriate cook, raise patient appetite as far as possible. Milk, eggs, soy products, vegetables and fruits are all good for the health of people with rheumatoid arthritis. Some foreign studies show that citrus fruits and fish oil have positive effects on reducing inflammatory activities and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. However, patients should pay attention to avoid obesity while ensuring adequate supply of nutrition, because obesity can increase pro-inflammatory cytokines and reduce anti-inflammatory factors, which can lead to or aggravate systemic inflammatory response.


Rheumatoid arthritis patients should not eat adverse food and stimulating food, such as raw and cold, greasy, spicy food, especially acute phase of the patients and yinxu huowang patients more avoid stimulating food. In addition, some patients themselves have gastrointestinal diseases, or as a result of the factors affecting the digestive system, sugar and high-fat food should be eaten less at this time, so as to avoid over-feeding damage to the spleen and stomach, causing the breeding of phlegm and dampness, aggravating the symptoms of the digestive system, affecting drug treatment. People with rheumatoid arthritis should also consume less salt than normal people because too much salt can cause sodium retention and increase joint swelling.

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The changes that 5G will bring

From the early 1990s to the present, communications technology is likely to undergo a generational renewal in less than a decade. The update speed of technology is not only fast, but also each generation of update is accompanied by the improvement of two basic factors: the improvement of data capability and the generation of new applications.

the Kiosk comes up with the kiosk prototype. If the kiosk prototype suits you, then the kiosk manufacturer can start the process of producing the real kiosks.

"From 4G to 5G, there are also two very important landmark technological updates. The second is that a new generation of applications will follow." The application of 5G technology will directly drive the creation of the mobile Internet of things, "" said fan mingxi, vice president of engineering technology at qualcomm in the United States." "there are two sets of very important technologies based on the mobile Internet of things. One is low time delay, such as industrial control and on-board network, which has high requirements for security, reliable business control and key technical services. The second is the large-scale mass Internet of things, where various connections are required, and the service life of each terminal will be very long. How to not only reduce the power consumption, but also put many different demands on the unified platform, this is the change that 5G will bring.

"" the future of 5G is geared to thousands of businesses, so the future business requirements of 5G are very uncertain." " "Said gan bin, vice president of wireless network product line at huawei technologies co LTD. "" 5G has a very big feature that it can support future VR/AR businesses well from the perspective of providing high bandwidth while supporting very low latency. Of course, there are a lot of technical issues that need to be addressed."

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"Before talking about 5G, we generally believe that what happens in the future is that we can already see its shadow from today, so does 5G." "Fan said.

It's not just network speeds of 5G that are coming or will drive everything connected

It's 40 times faster than 4G

5G is the 5th generation mobile communication technology. Although the final 5G standard has not been determined in the industry, the parties have basically reached consensus on the development direction of 5G. Compared to 4G, 5G will have faster network speeds, lower power consumption and longer standby time for 5G terminals. In theory, 5G could be 40 times faster than 4G, allowing real-time transmission of 8K resolution 3D video, or downloading a 3D movie in six seconds. In contrast, it takes six minutes to download over a 4G network. As the largest contributor to the research and development of 5G technology, nokia believes that 5G technology can achieve a speed of about 100Mbps in the case of congestion in the existing network. That's about four times more than the current 4G network.

It is located at a prime location of Tsim Sha Tsui in the heart of Hong Kong city, which is a hub for tourists from all over the world. This makes it a Best hotel on tsim sha tsui.

The core of 5G is the interconnection of everything

Another feature of 5G networks is low time delay, which means the network will respond very quickly to user commands. In such cases, websites, applications, and services load faster. This advantage will greatly promote the development of the Internet of everything. With the advent of 5G technology, smart terminals can share 3D movies, games and UHD programs at any time, while fitness trackers, smart watches, smart home devices and other intelligent terminals can be quickly connected. Industry insiders also pointed out that compared with 3G and 4G technologies, 5G can meet more diversified scenarios and timely challenges. For example, 5G will penetrate into the Internet of things and other fields, deeply integrate with industrial facilities, medical devices, medical instruments and transportation tools, and comprehensively implement the interconnection of all things, which can effectively improve the efficiency of industrial, medical, transportation and other vertical industries. Taking the medical industry as an example, it is often difficult to perform long-distance surgery due to low network rate before. Once entering 5G, such operations can be completed smoothly.

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Commercial use as early as 2020

At the second world Internet conference on the afternoon of December 17, cao shumin, director of the China academy of information and communications, said 5G will be standardized starting next year. The first version of the 5G standard will be available by the end of 2018, and a full version will be available in 2019, which will be submitted to the international telecommunication union, so 2020 is the earliest time from now on for true commercial use.

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Cooperation agreement

On August 30, China postal savings bank (hereinafter referred to as postal savings bank held a signing ceremony of strategic cooperation with shenzhen innovation and wisdom technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as innovation and wisdom) in Beijing. Lu jiachin, president of the postal savings bank, li kaifu, chairman and CEO of the innovation works, witnessed the signing. Qu jiayin, vice president of the postal savings bank, and xu hui, CEO of the innovative wisdom, respectively signed the agreement on behalf of the two sides. Xu zhaohui, chief engineer of the postal savings bank presided over the signing ceremony.

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According to the agreement, post office and the bank innovation intelligence will with "application technology, the scene," for the purpose of the cooperation, in line with the "play advantages, integrating resources, combination and mutual benefit" principle, give full play to their respective advantages and artificial intelligence technology in the field of financial business, focusing on the artificial intelligence based core technology, artificial intelligence, intelligent data center business scenario application three aspects, such as the depth of cooperation, common use of the artificial intelligence technology in the field of financial business.

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As a large retail commercial bank with nearly 40,000 branches, postal savings bank is committed to serving the most dynamic customer base in China's economic transformation. The postal savings bank adheres to the development strategy led by science and technology, focuses on the national artificial intelligence development strategic plan, actively lays out the application and development of artificial intelligence in the financial business fields such as operation management and customer service, and effectively improves the intelligent level of financial services anatomy illustration.

Innovation intelligence as a master of artificial intelligence technology and solutions, active assigned to the traditional industry of science and technology enterprises, relying on innovation works, brand, technology and resources, deep tillage "financial, retail, manufacturing" three major industries, using artificial intelligence technology of frontier, help enterprise customers and partners to improve business efficiency, optimization of business model innovation, speed up the intelligent transformation. The successful signing of this contract will further improve the application level of artificial intelligence technology of postal savings bank, accelerate the digital transformation of postal savings bank, and help build a smart bank.

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Digital terminal platform goes online

Artificial intelligence "fusion media microbrain" digital terminal platform goes online

On August 8, the digital terminal platform of "fusion media microbrain" was officially launched by chongqing magazine. Traditional media and artificial intelligence technologies added, intersected and integrated, and intelligent media made life better.

It is understood that the "fusion media microbrain" digital terminal platform project was initiated and led by chongqing today, and combined with the Internet of things technology support services related to the platform system provided by danyunzhi material co., ltd. to achieve the wonderful integration of media + technology, content + platform, traditional media and artificial intelligence technology.

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"Media micro-brain" is a micro-computer, which is a media integrated development product, integrating learning, information dissemination, intelligent life and smart government into one, meeting the learning needs of different types of people, creating a new model of organizational learning, family learning and personal learning. Voice interaction, smart home, cloud education, three major technologies, sharing wisdom to learn new life.

Sustainable farming is more and more used in the world. In Ireland, Origin Green encourages Irish farmers to work on food sustainability and prolong the lifespan of unique natural resources through contemporary farming.

"Financial media microbrain" is divided into three versions: political, civil and commercial. The political version mainly serves the public service learning, strengthening the external publicity function, and promoting and building a smart society. The civil version focuses on smart health care, smart cloud education, smart family good life and other services. The commercial version can meet the service demands of intelligent material management, security and fire control, digital economy, Internet of things, intelligent consumption and intelligent community industrial ecological incubation.

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The food and treatment methods

The food and treatment methods of several kinds of towel gourd are introduced.

White and white towel gourd will be filleted silk gourd, stir fragrant shredded ginger, stir fry sweet, add green pepper and a little garlic, wait for the towel gourd, then add the lily to cook, can start the pot.

A glass vape pen cartridge looks extremely fascinating! It has a metallic body, which looks better when a glass cartridge is added to the posterior part! These are similar in size to that of normal cigarettes.

Smooth and fair Wash sponge gourd, peel and cut into 1.5 cm small section put a container, used steam for 7 minutes, pour out the melon juice, cooking pot of oil, saute chopped garlic, add sponge gourd, add a little soy sauce, sesame oil, stir well.

Wash and chop fresh loofah, use gauze to squeeze out juice, add the same amount of medicinal alcohol and honey, mix evenly, apply the face and arm with cotton ball dip, wash with clean water after 20 minutes. Apply it every night for a month, and you can ease the wrinkles and make your skin smooth and elastic.

The towel gourd leaf decoction bath with fresh towel gourd leaves, can clean the skin wrinkle, clear heat and detoxify, also can prevent heat rash.

The scab of the scabies is tender with a soft towel gourd.

Herbal teas and herbal teas have both beauty and sunstroke

Rose mint tea -- refreshing

TNM prognostic value

The rose blood silt, soothing emotion; Peppermint dispel fatigue, which makes people feel refreshed. The sweetness of the rose is pure and sweet, and it can also dilute the bitter taste of the mint.

Make: select 4~5 buds of dried flower buds and the right amount of mint. Add the dried rose and mint to the cup, cover for about 10 to 15 minutes, then drink after a cool tea.

Lavender lemon tea - perk up

Lavender has the function of relieving stress and eliminating fatigue. Lemon diuretic, promote digestion and blood circulation, relieve headache, exuding a faint fragrance can be invigorating. But this herbal tea is not suitable for pregnant women.

Make: choose lavender dry buds 5~6 pieces, lemon slices or lemon juice. Add the dried lavender buds and lemon slices to the cup and add the boiling water to cover for 5 to 10 minutes. If it is with lemon juice, add lemon juice after the tea is cool.

Jasmine green tea - invigorating spirit

Jasmine flowers have a delicate fragrance. Drink jasmine tea, refreshing and refreshing, can make "spring trapped" self-eliminating. Jasmine tea is sweet and fragrant and fragrant, which is conducive to the distribution of cold and evil in the body, promoting the growth of Yang qi in the body.

Production: choose transparent glass cover cup, jasmine tea, 3 g in the cup, with boiling water with a little cool in the early bubble to about 90 ℃, then cover the lid, in case the aroma is lost. After two or three minutes, you can drink. The smell of the night was fragrant and refreshing.

Chrysanthemum ginseng tea - regulate nerve

The fragrance of chrysanthemum fragrance, the fire, the Ming. Ginseng contains soaps and vitamins. It has a good regulation effect on human nervous system. It can improve immunity and effectively dispel fatigue. This herbal tea is very refreshing in the spring, but people with high blood pressure should not drink it.

Make: choose chrysanthemum stem flower bud 4~ 5, ginseng 10~20 gram. Chop the ginseng into small pieces and put them in chrysanthemum flower buds. Soak them in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes.

Gable blue "south ginseng tea"

Known as the southern ginseng, the fragrance is bitter. Detoxification, lowering blood lipids, lowering cholesterol. The capstan is suitable for a single bubble, not suitable for other tea.

Make: a teaspoon of dry gable blue tea, boiling hot boiled water, covered with a lid for about 10 minutes. You can add sugar to your taste or drink with honey when lukewarm.

Wulong poria cocos lipid tea

Auriga have reduced rates, unlike unorganised sector. Since there is a single gateway and system is in tune, therefore no additional charges are levied.

Tea drinking, daily moderate, can eliminate excess fat in the body, body thin body.

Production: wulong tea 5 grams, poria cocos 3 grams, pu 'er tea, dish of 2 grams of seed. Add the above material to 300ml boiling water for 3 minutes.

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world shares climb as risk appetite returns

Dollar hits two-week high, world shares climb as risk appetite returns
LONDON (Reuters) - The dollar rose to its highest level in two weeks on Thursday and world shares rebounded amid a broader recovery in global risk sentiment clinique fresh pressed .

An investor looks at an electronic board showing stock information at a brokerage house in Shanghai, China November 24, 2017. REUTERS/Aly Song
The U.S. currency earlier slipped against the safe-haven Japanese yen after U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel - a move that imperiled Middle East peace efforts and provoked widespread condemnation.
But as global stocks rose on Thursday, the dollar gained almost half a percent against the yen to trade at 112.72 yen =JPY and hit a two-week high against a basket of peers. .DXY
The MSCI World Index, which tracks shares in 47 countries, was up 0.1 percent. Futures markets indicated a positive open for Wall Street. ESc1

Underpinning some of the dollar’s gains, analysts said, was cautious optimism on U.S. tax legislation. On Wednesday, Senate Republicans agreed to talks with the House of Representatives on their two tax bills. Early signs are they can agree on a final bill before a self-imposed Dec. 22 deadline.
“The corporate tax reform has the potential to have a significantly positive effect on the greenback, but due to other parts of the reform - those that are aimed at preventing tax base erosion,” wrote Commerzbank currency strategists in a note to clients clinique fresh pressed .

“It is still unclear how this part of the reform will be designed ... so we might end up with something that was not included in either of the proposals. It is therefore far from certain how much of a dollar-positive effect the tax reform will result in.”
Upbeat U.S. private-sector employment data released on Wednesday also provided some support to the dollar. But strategists said the currency would trade in narrow ranges until the release of the closely watched non-farm payrolls report on Friday.
Bitcoin soared to a record high of $14,870 on the Bitstamp exchange, continuing a staggering surge from less than $1,000 at the beginning of the year.

European stock markets appeared to take their cues from a general recovery in tech stocks overnight in Asia and Wall Street, but they had turned negative by midday in London as the healthcare sector weighed.
The pan-European STOXX 600 was last down 0.1 percent.
Sylvain Goyon, an equity strategist at France’s Natixis, said the recent sell-off in tech shares was not driven by a change in the fundamentals and probably wouldn’t last long.

“The key drivers of the industry are still there”, he said, arguing that a number of investors had just decided, as year-end neared, to cash in some profits from tech stocks, which have outperformed the market, and reinvest in cheaper financial shares, which are set to benefit from the U.S. tax cuts plan.
Oil rose in a sign that investors are wary of pushing the market lower after an unexpectedly large rise in U.S. stocks of refined products that has increased concern about the demand outlook. [O/R]
U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude futures CLc1 traded at $56.15 per barrel in European trade, up 0.4 percent on the day.
Brent futures LCOc1 gained nearly 0.7 percent to $61.62 per barrel dermes .
MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan .MIAPJ0000PUS edged up 0.2 percent as some technology bellwethers rebounded, with Tencent (0700.HK) rising over 3 percent and Alibaba (BABA.K) more than 2 percent.
In Japan, the Nikkei .N225 jumped 1.5 percent, recouping much of its 2.0 percent loss the previous day, which was its biggest fall since late March.
Copper rose as bargain hunters took advantage of recent losses, but analysts expect further downward pressure due to weaker demand from China. [MET/L]
Copper CMCU3 traded at $6,572 a tonne, up 0.2 percent on the day and above a two-month low of $6,507.5 touched on Tuesday.
Reporting by Ritvik Carvalho,; additional reporting by Jemima Kelly and Julien Ponthus in London and Asia markets team, editing by Larry King
Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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There are three main causes

Czech Travel Service says signs deal for additional nine Boeing 737 MAX planes

PRAGUE (Reuters) - Czech airline Travel Service said on Thursday it had signed an order for nine additional Boeing 737 MAX planes for its fleet in November, increasing its total order book for the model to 39 planeLooking at hong kong hotel list and promotion ? GuangDong Hotel always provides different specials for our guests. We provides fully furnished rooms with various in-room facilities and amenities. s.

FILE PHOTO: An employee is seen passing the nose of a Boeing 737 MAX during a media tour of the Boeing 737 MAX at the Boeing plant in Renton, Washington December 7, 2015. REUTERS/Matt Mills McKnight/File Photo
It said eight new Boeing 737 MAX planes would be supplied in 2018 and 15 in 2019 as part of fleet renewal planned until 2023clinique vitamin c .

Travel Service is in the process of acquiring majority in national airline Czech Airlines and operates charter flights and low-cost airline Smartwings.

It said eight of the total order of 39 planes would be bought and the rest leased. The planes will have 189 seats and on-board WiFi entertainment systems, it said.

China’s CEFC directly holds 49.9 percent stake in Travel Service and further shares indirectly. Founder Jiri Simane and business partners control the rest.
Reporting by Jan Lopatka
Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles clinique fresh pressed .

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Jeremy Lee’s recipe for apple and almond tart

Allens Farm was a favourite of mine, supplying me often with good produce from their Kentish cherry orchard. Tucked away behind high-banked roads near Sevenoaks, it was famous primarily for cobnuts, but produced a host of marvellous fruit boughs, too. The trees – instead of growing in serried ranks, standing to attention – were wonderful, ancient, and grew in a seemingly random fashion to a great height.

To climb the trees and pick a fine harvest there were a few of those lovely, old, not to mention cleverly shaped, ladders that flared at the ground and narrowed as you climbed into the branches, laden as they were with the abundant dark fruits. Lured by the seldom-seen beauties in the cherry orchard, I was up the ladder in a trice. Within not even a minute, I was ordered down off the ladder by the gentlest farmer, who issued a kind reprimand that the ladders were of a great age and not so steady.

Jeremy Lee’s recipe for chocolate fridge cake | King of puddings

Read more 

On the other side of the tree was a metal scaffold that had a platform set high enough to reach the upper branches, by which their joyful burden could be accessed more securely. Ah well, there’s an allegory for you – bye-bye romance and hello sturdy and sensible. Of course it got the job done and amid much laughter if memory serves.

Abutting the cherry orchard was a great field of cobnuts that were harvested by hand. A few Southdown sheep grazed among the trees – a peerless lamb that fed upon the orchard’s windfall and made for marvellous eating. There were plums, too, and a few pears as I recall. And, of course, apples.

I love apples, delighting in their myriad varieties and colours, and their varying textures and flavours, which range dramatically from sweet and crisp to the most magnificently sour. They chivvy along a joint of pork, or a duck or goose, very well indeed. Compotes and delicate apple sauces and salads can brighten the Sunday roast marvellously. That said, little compares to an apple pie, that marvel of the British table.

There is great joy to be had from apples crammed into a pastry case spread liberally with almond frangipane. Baked well until achieving that magical dark hue which so elevates French baking, the apples yield into the frangipane, and all that remains is to fetch a great bowl of jersey cream. Should some custard feature, and perhaps a scoop of vanilla ice-cream too, then behold – a very good pudding.

Apple and almond tart

It is a good manoeuvre to make the pastry and the frangipane the day before.

Serves 4-6

For the pastry

170g plain flour

100g unsalted, cold butter

1 tsp icing sugar, sifted

1 whole egg

1 tbsp ice cold water

For the frangipane

50g unsalted butter, softened

50g caster sugar

1 egg yolk

50g whole almonds, ground

For the apples

Juice of 1 lemon Buying the right kind of , you can prevent your E-juice from leaking out! - the shortest horror story you want to face ever.It must have a metal seal and a fully ceramic body to stop oxidation or leakage.

6 firm, crisp apples such as a russet, cox’s, braeburn or jonagold

1 tbsp caster sugar flitted

1 Warm the oven to 170C/335F/gas 3½. Have ready a 24cm diameter, 25mm deep (or thereabouts) fluted tart case – if possible with a removable base. Chop the cold butter into small pieces and refrigerate again to keep them solid.

2 To make the pastry, put the flour and butter into a bowl and gently rub together until you have achieved a fine crumb. Add the sifted icing sugar, the egg and the spoon of ice-cold water. Gently mix until a ball of dough forms. Knead this very gently until smooth. Flatten lightly into a disc and refrigerate.

3 Meanwhile, make the frangipane. Put the butter and the sugar into a bowl and beat well for a minute. Add the egg yolk and beat again. Stir in the ground almonds. Put this mixture into a clean bowl, cover and refrigerate.

4 Put the lemon juice into a large bowl. Peel each apple and toss it in the lemon juice. Once done, quarter each apple, remove the core and cut each quarter into 2-3 slices, depending on the size of the apple. Toss the slices from time to time to keep discolouration at bay.

5 Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured surface. Line the tart case and refrigerate for at least half an hour.

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Kepos Street Kitchen's zucchini
















这是由迈克尔·兰蒂西和克斯蒂·弗劳利(默多克图书RRP $ 49.99),鹰嘴豆和共同编辑的摘录。下个星期:芦笋,豌豆和羊乳酪挞的Kepos食谱

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Kepos Street Kitchen's zucchini, sujuk and labneh omelette recipe


Michael Rantissi and Kristy Frawley are the couple behind Sydney’s popular Kepos Street Kitchen and Kepos & Co restaurants. Their first cookbook Falafel for Breakfast, focused on the restaurants’ signature dishes. Their latest book, Hummus & Co, is full of the Middle Eastern recipes they make at home to share with their friends and family.

Zucchini, sujuk and labneh omelette

serves 4

This dish, which sits somewhere between an omelette and a frittata, is so easy to make and is excellent served for brunch or even a Sunday night dinner. I don’t think we celebrate the versatility of eggs enough – they are quick to prepare, nutritious and so much more than a breakfast food.

The main ingredient in this dish is zucchini – and it may seem that there is a lot of it, but it helps to give the omelette its light, fluffy texture. The sujuk sausage adds a salty, spicy kick.

800g zucchini, about 4 in total, coarsely grated
1 tbsp salt
100ml olive oil
200g sujuk sausage, diced
4 eggs
2 tbsp labneh, plus 4 tbsp extra to serve
3 tbsp chopped flat-leaf (Italian) parsley
2 large handfuls mixed herbs, such as chives, flat-leaf parsley, mint and coriander, leaves picked
70g pine nuts, toasted
Juice of ½ lemon

Put the grated zucchini in a bowl and sprinkle with the salt. Set aside until the zucchini releases its juices, about 15 minutes. Drain the zucchini, return to the bowl and set aside.

Preheat the oven to 180C.

Heat 2 tablespoons of the olive oil in a 24cm (9½ inch) ovenproof frying pan over medium–high heat. Fry the sujuk until crisp, then transfer to a plate and set aside. Leave the excess oil in the pan to cook the omelette.

Add the eggs, labneh, chopped parsley and half the crispy sujuk to the zucchini. Season with freshly ground black pepper and whisk to combine.

Reheat the frying pan over medium heat. Pour in the egg mixture and cook for 2–3 minutes, then transfer the pan to the oven and cook for 10 minutes, or until the omelette is done to your liking.

While the omelette is cooking, put the remaining crispy sujuk, mixed herbs, pine nuts, lemon juice and remaining olive oil in a bowl and toss to combine.

Flip the cooked omelette on to a plate and serve topped with dollops
of labneh and the sujuk and herb mixture.

This is an edited extract from Hummus and Co by Michael Rantissi and Kristy Frawley (Murdoch Books RRP $49.99) Out now. Next week: the Kepos recipe for asparagus, pea and feta tart

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FDA Panel Says Yes to Gene Therapy for Eye Disease


Misty Lovelace of Alexandria, Kentucky, had never clearly seen her mother’s face. She’d never seen stars.

But all that changed when the 18-year-old got an experimental gene therapy treatment that not only stopped her from going blind, but gave her back much of the vision she'd lost to an incurable genetic disease.

“I never knew they were real dots that twinkled,” Lovelace told a panel of federal drug advisers Thursday.

“However, I will say that rainbows are overrated by far.”

Lovelace and others came to the Food and Drug Administration headquarters on Thursday to ask that it be approved so more kids can see what they’ve seen.

After hearing their testimony, and hours of detail about the treatment and its effects, they voted yes —unanimously.

Spark Therapeutics’ Luxturna, known generically as voretigene, would be the first gene therapy treatment sold in the U.S. to correct an inherited defect, if the FDA follows the panel’s advice.

Related: Gene Therapy Reverses Blinding Eye Disease

The FDA will decide by January.

Eye doctors, parents and patients were unanimous in their support of approving the treatment, which would be aimed at the one in a million children with a specific genetic defect that causes Leber congenital amaurosis, or LCA for short.

The treatment uses a genetically engineered virus to correct the defect, for patients who have inherited two faulty copes of a gene called RPE65, which codes for an enzyme that nourishes cells in the retina.

In people with faulty versions, the cells eventually die.

“Almost all will proceed to blindness. Other than voretigene, there are no avail treatments that can slow or stop the insidious loss of vision in these patients,” Dr. Albert Maguire of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where the treatment was developed, told the FDA panel hearing.

“By the time they are in their 40s, it’s lights out,” Dr. Jean Bennett of Children’s Hospital and the University of Pennsylvania, who helped develop the treatment, told NBC News.

It’s a fairly obvious approach to try to correct that faulty gene, but gene therapy has turned out to be far more difficult than experts thought it would be. The corrected genes often don’t stay where they are supposed to, and getting them to the right place is difficult. Patients often have severe side-effects such as cancer, and can even die.

Related: FDA Advisers Say yes to Experimental Cancer Gene Therapy

And the first gene therapy approved in Europe was pulled from the market when almost no one wanted it.

But the eye is a good place to try it, as it’s a self-contained organ and doctors and patients alike can literally see the results. Other teams are trying gene therapy in the eye, as well as approaches such as infusing stem cells to regenerate dying tissue.

With Luxturna, the approach is fairly straightforward, experts told the FDA panel. An eye surgeon makes a small incision in the eye and the treatment is infused onto the retina.

“In all honesty, if either myself or my child had this condition, I would not hesitate for a moment to get this treatment.”

The hope is that it will take a single treatment to stop the degeneration. But several of the 31 patients tested in the trials of the therapy said they saw unexpected and dramatic improvement in their vision very quickly.

“What I saw in the clinic was remarkable,” Maguire said.

“Most patients became sure of themselves, pushed aside their guides and navigated their environments independently and with confidence,” Maguire said. “In all honesty, if either myself or my child had this condition, I would not hesitate for a moment to get this treatment.”

Christian Guardino said he struggled to get along in school, squinting at people who greeted him in the hallway. “I couldn’t see if somebody was smiling at me or frowning,” Guardino, now 17, told the hearing. “That never went over very well.”

Related: Scientists Harness Stem cells for Grow-Your-Own Treatment

But the treatment transformed his life.

“Gene therapy has made my world literally so much brighter. I have been able to see things I never saw before, like stars, snow falling, fireworks and most important, the moon,” the Patchogue, Long Island, high school student said.

“I am now able to go to the movies … and now my social life is so much better. I can now see people’s facial expressions. I can see all you people right now.”

It’s not unheard of for FDA advisory committees to get emotional testimony from patients, often flown in at the expense of the company seeking approval Having a ceramicvape cartridge is advantageous in vape cartridge packaging as it's healthier. Ceramic parts are resistant to abrasion and oxidation unlike other alloy wires where, oxidation occurs at higher temperature. .

Last year, advocates packed out an FDA advisory committee meeting about a drug designed to treat a small percentage of patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

“I believe we have a chance here today to make history.”

Despite considerable controversy over whether the drug actually helped kids who got it, the FDA approved the drug. And the year before, the FDA approved a pill to treat female sexual dysfunction against the advice of its advisers unswayed by emotional pleas from patients.

But Thursday’s hearing was unusual in that even ophthalmologists who had nothing to do with the trial pleaded.

It won't help everyone with vision loss -- just the few thousand who have the particular defect targeted by the drug.

Children should be treated as early as possible, said Dr. Bart Leroy, an expert in genetic ophthalmology at Children’s in Philadelphia.

“Ideally, all patients should be treated before they reach complete retinal degeneration,” Leroy told the committee. That could eventually mean at birth or even before birth, while in the mother’s womb.

Once a patient has lost too many cells in the retina, even the gene therapy treatment likely will not help, doctors at the hearing agreed.

“Voretigene is essential to keep our patients from going blind,” Leroy said. “I believe we have a chance here today to make history.”

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Supermen the credit

Will the generation which is fighting this war—such of them as may survive—be content to go back to the old barren wrangle when it is done? Will those others who have lost husbands, sons, brothers, friends—all that was dearest to them except the honour and safety of their country—will they be found willing to tolerate the idea of trusting their destinies ever again to the same machines, to be driven once more to disaster by the same automatons? To all except the automatons themselves—who share with the German Supermen the credit of having made this war—any such resumption of business on old-established lines appears incredible. There is something pathetic in the sight of these huckstering sentimentalists still crying their stale wares and ancient make-believes at the street corners, while their country is fighting for its life. They remind one, not a little, of those Pardoners of the fourteenth century who, as we read in history books, continued to hawk their Indulgences with unabated industry during the days of the Black Death.

It is necessary to offer a few words of explanation as to how this book came to be written. During the months of November and December 1912 and January 1913, various meetings and discussions took place under Lord Roberts's roof and elsewhere, between a small number of persons, who held widely different views, and whose previous experience and training had been as different as were their opinions.

Our efforts were concerned with endeavouring to find answers to several questions which had never been dealt with candidly, clearly, and comprehensively in the public statements of political leaders. It was clear that there was no 'national' policy, which the British people had grasped, accepted, and countersigned, as was the case in France. But some kind of British policy there must surely be, notwithstanding the fact it had never been disclosed. What were the aims of this policy? With what nation or nations were these aims likely to bring us into collision? What armaments were necessary in order to enable us to uphold this policy and achieve these aims? How, and when, and where would our armaments be required in the event of war? Assuming (as we did in our discussions) that our naval forces were adequate, was the same statement true of our military forces? And if it were not true, by what means could the necessary increases be obtained?

The final conclusion at which we arrived was that National Service was essential to security. {xviii} Under whatever aspect we regarded the problem we always returned—even those of us who were most unwilling to travel in that direction—to the same result. So long as Britain relied solely upon the voluntary principle, we should never possess either the Expeditionary Force or the Army for Home Defence which were requisite for safety.

It fell to me during the winter 1912-1913 to draft the summary of our conclusions. It was afterwards decided—in the spring of 1913—that this private Memorandum should be recast in a popular form suitable for publication. I was asked to undertake this, and agreed to do so. But I underestimated both the difficulties of the task and the time which would be necessary for overcoming them.

When we met again, in the autumn of that year, the work was still far from complete, and by that time, not only public attention, but our own, had become engrossed in other matters. The Irish controversy had entered upon a most acute and dangerous stage. Lord Roberts put off the meetings which he had arranged to address during the ensuing months upon National Service, and threw his whole energies into the endeavour to avert the schism which threatened the nation, and to find a way to a peaceful settlement. Next to the security and integrity of the British Empire I verily believe that the thing which lay nearest his heart was the happiness and unity of Ireland.

It is needless to recall how, during the ensuing {xix} months, affairs in Ireland continued to march from bad to worse—up to the very day when the menace of the present war suddenly arose before the eyes of Europe.

During August 1914 I went through the old drafts and memoranda which had now been laid aside for nearly a year. Although that very thing had happened which it had been the object of our efforts to avert, it seemed to me that there might be advantages in publishing some portion of our conclusions. The form, of course, would have to be entirely different; for the recital of prophecies which had come true, though it might have possessed a certain interest for the prophets themselves, could have but little for the public.

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I am twenty three

Father is very well, and very glad to hear that you were coming. To tell the truth though, he is far more interested in your uncle’s visit. He has arranged a meeting at the Geographical Society for him. And for the past month he has been thinking and talking of nothing but archaeology. They have been digging up all sorts of things.”

And so he has been angry with you?&rdquo ;

He seems to think he has every reason to be. I am twenty-three and he already sees me an old maid.... It’s awfully funny! Do you know what they call me in Lima now? The Virgin of the Sun!”

What does that mean?”

Aunt Agnes and Aunt Irene will explain better than I can. It’s something like one of the Vestals—an old Inca legend.”

H’m, some superstitious rot.... But look here, Maria-Teresa, I’m an awful coward. Do you think your father...”

Of course! He’ll do anything I like if he is asked at the right moment We’ll be married in three months’ time from San Domingo. Truly we will!”

You dear!... But I’m only a poor devil of an engineer, and he may not think me much of a son-in-law for the Marquis de la Torre.”

Nonsense, you’re clever, and I make you a gift of the whole of Peru. There’s plenty to do there for an engineer.&rdquo ;

I can hardly believe my luck, Maria-Teresa! That I—I.... But, tell me, how did it all happen?”

The old, old way. First you are neighbors, or meet by accident. Then you are friends... just friends, nothing else.... And then...?”

Their hands joined, and they remained thus for a moment, in silence.

Suddenly, a burst of noise came from the courtyard, and a moment later a hurried knock announced the entrance of an excited employee. At the sight of the stranger, he stopped short, but Maria-Teresa told him to speak. Dick, who both understood and spoke Spanish well, listened.

The Indians are back from the Islands, se?orita. There has been trouble between them and the Chinamen. One coolie was killed and three were badly wounded.”

Maria-Teresa showed no outward sign of emotion. Her voice hardened as she asked:—

Where did it happen... in the Northern Islands?&rdquo macau hotel jobs ;

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fierce weather-beating

She responded nobly, and reared, rather than stepped out of the snow bank. Her fore feet struck solid ground, and then, feeling the hard road beneath her hoofs, she pulled herself forward. We had struck the right path at last, and, after hours of fierce weather-beating, like a ship at sea, lost in a storm, we were fairly homeward bound, on the way to Salem town.

I rode on more quickly now, settling my hat firmer on my head, and pressing the leather lining against my benumbed ears. My collar scarce kept the snow and wind from my neck, and every half mile or so I was obliged to drop the reins and, after feeling that my sword had not dropped off in some snow drift, knock my hands together to bring their fingers some little warmth.

Verily, I thought that the road would never lead me to the friendly tavern of Master Samuel Willis, who, 16as I had heard in Boston, provided refreshment for man and beast. And surely no two stood more in need of it than Kit and myself that cold February day.

A fiercer squall and gust of wind than any that had proceeded, fairly brought the mare to a stand. I lifted my hat a bit, held my interlocked fingers before my eyes, and peered ahead. Dimly, like a speck of black on a white sheet, that a dame might spread on the grass to bleach, I saw in front a house.

May that be the tavern,” I quoth, and, with a heart that smote me a trifle, for she had traveled far and well that day, I dug the spurs into Kit’s flanks. She leaped through the drifts, and, at length, when she could make no more progress, I found myself before the snow-heaped steps of Salem Inn.

The wind, shunted off by a corner of the building, beat less fiercely at this point, and the roar was somewhat subdued. I drew my sword, for I could not reach the door knocker from where I sat on Kit’s back, and with the hilt gave several blows on the oak.

Who’s without?” came a woman’s voice from within.

A friend; Captain Edward Amherst,” I cried. Open in the King’s name, if for no other reason.”

Now ere I had ceased speaking the heavy door swung inward, revealing such a warmth and such a snug, homelike appearance, and, withal, letting out such savory odors, that poor Kit whinnied in anticipation of what 17might be her share of the feed. As for myself, I threw one leg over the saddle, leaped to the ground, strode to the door, and went inside. I shouted to a stout serving man, snugly ensconced in the chimney corner, to look after the mare, and then I approached the blazing fire.

The Lord defend us! Goliath and the Philistines are upon us!” cried out Mistress Willis, for she it was who had opened the door.

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only using the roads for short

Taking advantage of mistakes made in other parts of the country, he sent no patrols on the main routes, but made them all go across country, only using the roads for short distances when they were open, and when it was practically impossible to be ambushed.

12For some time there came no information from Mulligan Hong Kong shopping places , and when at last a note was brought from him from Grouse Lodge, it only contained the laconic news that the price for shooting a policeman had gone up from £60 to £100; and though no further message came from Mulligan for another ten days, as no outrages had been committed during this time, Blake had no reason to think that he was not fulfilling his part of the bargain.

Early one morning a bicycle patrol arrived at Ballybor Barracks from Grouse Lodge, and the constable who had been with Blake the night he met Mulligan handed him a note to the effect that two car-loads of arms were to arrive in the Cloonalla district that night for the purpose of an attack on Grouse Lodge Barracks the following night. Mulligan gave the route the cars would take, but did not state at what hour they might be expected.

On looking at an Ordnance map, Blake noticed that the cars would have to pass through a small wood, and that the road took a sharp bend where it entered the wood. Taking a leaf out of the Sinn Feiners’ book, he determined to ambush the cars at the bend, and to try and seize cars and arms.

The difficulty was to know what to do with the cars once they had gained possession of them. The Volunteers would no doubt collect in the Cloonalla district to take over the arms, hence it would be dangerous to attempt to take them to Grouse Lodge Barracks, which was much the nearer barrack to the proposed 13scene of the ambush reenex facial ; so in the end he settled, if he came off victorious, to take the cars by byroads to Ballybor and risk being attacked in the town at night. A few days before this Blake had received his first batch of “Black and Tans,” bringing his force up to a respectable number, so felt quite justified in making the attempt.

As soon as it was dark that night, Blake with five of his men left Grouse Lodge, and made their way by the starlight across country to the wood. The men brought axes with them, and soon had the road blocked with two small fir-trees, after which they took cover on each side of the road and waited reenex cps .

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Suddenly he thought he saw an

Their lively little ponies appeared quite to enter into the spirit of the chase. At any rate, they needed no urging, but darted off as nimbly as mountain goats among the trees. The gray and reddish form of the wild cat was speedily lost sight of QV baby ; but Ralph, who had slipped his rifle from its holster, still kept on under the shadows of the forest, followed by the others.

Suddenly he thought he saw an elusive form slipping among the timbers ahead of him. Flinging the reins of his pony over the creature’s head, in Western fashion, he dismounted. Hardware and Persimmons followed his example. The eyes of all three boys were shining with the excitement of this, their first adventure in the Canadian wilds.

Cantering cayuses, boys, but we’ll have a fine[57] skin to take home before we’ve been on the trail ten minutes!” exclaimed Persimmons under his breath, as they crept along behind Ralph.

Don’t count your skins before you get ’em,” was Hardware’s advice ielts registration hk .

At this moment there was a sudden commotion among the ponies. They snorted and sniffed as if in terror of something, and Ralph rightly guessed that they had just scented the wild cat.

You fellows go back and quiet ’em; I’ll keep on,” he said.

Dearly as his two companions would have liked to continue on the trail of the wild cat, there was nothing for them to do but to obey; for if the ponies stampeded they knew that Mountain Jim would have something to say that might not sound pleasant.

Be careful now, Ralph,” warned Hardware, as their comrade kept on alone. Wild cats are pretty ugly customers sometimes.”

But Ralph did not reply. With a grim look on[58] his face and with his rifle clutched tightly, he slipped from trunk to trunk, his feet hardly making any noise on the soft woodland carpet of pine needles.

Suddenly, from a patch of brush right ahead of him, came a sort of yelping cry, not unlike that of a dog in pain or excitement.

What on earth is up now?” he wondered to himself, coming to a halt and searching the scene in front of him with eager eyes.

Then came sounds of a furious commotion. The brush was agitated and there were noises as if two animals were in mortal combat in front of him. But still he could see nothing. All at once came distinctly the crunching of bones.

It’s that wild cat and she’s made a kill of some sort, a rabbit probably,” mused Ralph. Well, I’ll catch her red-handed and revenge poor Molly Cottontail.”

He cautiously tiptoed forward, making as little noise as possible. He was well aware that a cornered[59] wild cat can make a formidable opponent, and he did not mean to risk wounding the animal slightly and infuriating it. He was raising his rifle with a view to having it ready the instant he should sight the savage wood’s creature, when he stepped on a dead branch .

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Was there some complaint

With very bad grace the uniform was handed to him and the line moved on. As Terry stepped away Rowen spoke to him between half-shut teeth.

I’ll fix you for this yet, Mackson!”

Jim Mercer halted at the counter. Was there some complaint about the Mercer brothers, Rowen?” he asked quietly.

I just said that you two were the colonel’s pets,” replied the clerk. Just because you two once helped the colonel out of a mess he bows down before you.”

With all due respect to the colonel,” drawled Don Mercer, he is a little too fat to bow down! Calm down, Dick.”

Aw, you guys give me a pain!” roared the clerk.

Terry impishly picked up the telephone, carefully holding down the hook. Hello, is this the nurse?” he spoke into the transmitter. If you have time I wish you’d stop in at the commissary department. Mr. Rowen has a very bad pain. I beg your pardon? Oh, it seems to be a Mackson-Mercer pain, if you know what that is! It seems to be——”

Laughing, Jim Mercer caught him by the arm. Come on, get out of here, you!” he admonished his friend. Come on up to the room.”

The three boys were devoted pals, having been friends from childhood. They had been in many scrapes and adventures together, sharing their fun and dangers on land and sea. In the first volume of this series, The Mercer Boys’ Cruise in the Lassie, they had gone on a long cruise, and from there they had come to Woodcrest, their fun and adventure at that time being related in The Mercer Boys at Woodcrest. On their following summer vacation they had encountered some strange events in The Mercer Boys on a Treasure Hunt and later on had worked together on a school mystery, details of which will be found in The Mercer Boys’ Mystery Case. Early in the spring of that same year the boys had faced a man’s task on the Massachusetts coast, all of which will be found in the fifth volume, The Mercer Boys with the Coast Guard. Now, after a few months of uneventful school life, they were preparing for their first encampment.

Once in their own room the three boys hung up the new uniforms that they would wear the next day. There were no lessons and they had nothing to do except wait until morning, when they would set off for camp. All of the boys looked forward eagerly to it.

I hear that we are going to a new camping ground this year,” Jim said, as he sat on the edge of his bed. Rustling Ridge, they call it.”

Yes,” nodded Don. Other years they have held the encampment at Perryville, but the colonel hunted up new grounds this time. I heard that there had been quite a bit of building going on near the old camp and the colonel wants to get as far away from civilization as he can.”

Rustling Ridge is none too far, at that,” observed Terry.

No, it isn’t,” agreed Jim. But it is far enough away for camping purposes. Even the colonel doesn’t know much about this new location.”

About thirty miles from here, isn’t it?” Don asked.

I heard that it was,” returned Terry. Well, the whole outlook suits me perfectly. I wouldn’t have known what to do with myself this vacation, anyway.”

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Side by side they walked

Side by side they walked across the meadows; the larks rising before them and soaring up to the heavens with a burst of song; the river running in silvery silence to the sea; the green trees waving gently in the Summer breeze; and above them the long stretching gray masonry of Wyndward Hall dermes .

Lord Leycester was strangely silent for some minutes since that "Are you angry?" and Stella, as she walked by his side, stooping now and again to gather a cowslip, glanced up at his face and wondered whether her uncle could be mistaken, whether they were not all deceived in thinking the quiet, graceful creature with the beautiful face and dreamy, almost womanly, soft eyes, wild and reckless, and desperate and altogether bad. She almost forgot how she had seen him on that first night of their meeting, with his whip upraised and the sudden fire of anger in his eyes hk seo .

It is a warm evening in early Summer; the sun is setting behind a long range of fir and yew-clad hills, at the feet of which twists in and out, as it follows their curves, a placid, peaceful river. Opposite these hills, and running beside the river, are long-stretching meadows, brilliantly green with fresh-springing grass, and gorgeously yellow with newly-opened buttercups. Above, the sunset sky gleams and glows with fiery red and rich deep chromes. And London is almost within sight.

It is a beautiful scene, such as one sees only in this England of ours—a scene that defies poet and painter. At this very moment it is defying one of the latter genus; for in a room of a low-browed, thatched-roofed cottage which stood on the margin of the meadow, James Etheridge sat beside his easel, his eyes fixed on the picture framed in the open window, his brush and mahl-stick drooping in his idle hand.

Unconsciously he, the painter, made a picture worthy of study. Tall, thin, delicately made, with pale face crowned and set in softly-flowing white hair, with gentle, dreamy eyes ever seeking the infinite and unknown, he looked like one of those figures which the old Florentine artists used to love to put upon their canvases, and which when one sees even now makes one strangely sad and thoughtful dermes vs medilase .

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Mitt första blogginlägg

Det här är ditt första blogginlägg i din nya blogg. Du kan välja att antingen ta bort det här inlägget eller redigera det.

Välkommen till Blogaholic!

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